The thing that Mel Gibson, as a character, gains from the complexity of the War is that he gains knowledge on war, tactics, and honor. He gain honor in joining the army to fight the British. Also he learns and gain knowledge about his children. How they are responsible and learn very fast. He also gains knowledge on that for every gain there is a cost.

The cost that Mel Gibson, as a character, pays is the lose of his to sons, Gabriel and Thomas. This was a sad and pitiful moment. Also he lost some of his friends, family members, and his home. Not just his own but also others. Even though he paid a large price, he gains something that is in some people’s perspective worth it.

In my perspective, I think that the gain and lose outweigh each other. They weigh the same. A large cost for a large gain. In other words, death of beloveds for freedom for the generations to come and go. This is something I would still thing about. This is an opinion and sometimes it could be different for different people. The gain and lose in this movie is sad and not fair but it is worth it if you really think about it.  


Declaration Of Independence

This picture explains the war. Who it is between. As you can see, it is between the english colonis in North America and Great Britain. George Washington representes the colonist and King George III representes Great Britain. Specifically it is George VS. George.

It connects to our learning because we are learnigh about the Brithish and the colonist at war and we are learning about George Washington and his ways during the war. Also because we are learning about King George III and his ways during this war. Also as I said, we are also learning about who represented who. This is what I had explained about in the first paragraph. George Wahington represented the colonist and King George the II represented great Britain.

Dear Johnny,

Dear Johnny,

                In your situation, you are not the first person to have a situation like this. I have not a lot of advise but I can tell you one thing. The thing you should do is move on with you life. Find something that you are good at. Something that doesn’t require you to use you injured hand. Something that you would like.  Overall, if you would need any more advise, just send me another letter and I would hopefully have advice for you.


Dear Abbey

Dear Abbey,

                In the last few days, I have accidently dropped hot silver on my hand. What had happened is that my hand burned and my skin peeled and fell. As for know, my hand is different then what it use to be. Now my thumb has combined with my palm. And my fingers are stuck together because of letting it heel in a fist position.

                 Before this happened, I was working on something for my master. I was in training and wanting to be a silversmith. Know since I have had the accident, I think I am not able to achieve my goal. I think I can’t do anything that requires the use of hands. So that makes me think how would I live, survive life now? What do you think I should do know about my hand and about my life. Right know I am in need of help. Please advise me.

Johnny Termain

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